about the white wall sessions

The White Wall Sessions showcases local, regional and national music acts performing original acoustic, americana, bluegrass, folk and blues in a laid back, intimate setting. The White Wall Sessions is recorded in a small studio in Sioux Falls, SD.

From it’s inception, the show was intended to be a visual and audio experience that takes the viewer a bit further into each performance. The program is recorded in full 1080p HD and utilizes state of the art production and post production equipment. Every song is tracked live and completely remixed.

We take an artistic, documentary-like visual feel to each song, which gives the viewer a personal, introspective look at each musician and song. The songs are intended to be offered to the viewer as a moment in time. A moment in time we felt needed to be captured.

We take a  look into the music of people who are passionate, dedicated and who are committed to their art.