*** Please Note: Season 8 is full. More information about Season 9 will be posted here in the future.


Thank you for your interest in performing on The White Wall Sessions!

  • Due to the amount of submissions we’ve received over the past years, we’ve implemented a $20.00 USD Submission Fee with each application.
  • This fee is used to balance out the amount of time it takes to review each submission. We promise, that all submissions are thoroughly reviewed and heavily considered. As a small group of mostly volunteers, we want to spend our time producing these videos and hope this fee is mindfully accepted. Additionally, we like to provide each musical guest with beverages while perform. This fee will not only assist with the submission review process but also keep the studio fridge packed for each session.
  • For those of you who have performed on the show in previous seasons, this is a new process for us and hope you understand our decision.
  • Now, submissions do not guarantee you acceptance on the show. We choose 50-60 acts to perform each season to film. Each season will require a new submission and fee; the process is reset.
  • Moving forward, we will only accept submissions through this process. Submissions, or messages about how to apply for the program, received via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other format will not be considered and respectfully asked to submit through our site.
Please read through the following packet to ensure all parties are in agreement of all the terms. Please make sure the Release and Consent Forms are viewed by all appropriate parties.
*** Release and Consent forms must be signed before video production begins
frequently asked questions

Q) How many songs do I have to perform to appear on the show?
A) We record 8 original songs for television and web. Each session is now “Live Streamed” on Facebook and YouTube. The live stream video is only online for 24 hours and is taken down. We finish the session with an audio interview session. ** All songs must be original material and lyrics will be required for the songs filmed for television.

Q) Can I do any cover songs?
A) No.

Q) Can I do public domain songs?
A) A) We do not recommend it. We may record a public domain song on occasion, but we do not want to concentrate on them. The concept of the show from the beginning was to showcase original material from musicians, and we do not want to stray from that vision.
NOTE: ** In order for us to air the public domain song, we must have a copy of the official sheet music, with date it was published. ** In the United States, a musical work published in 1926 or earlier is in the public domain. This must be provided by the artist.

Q) How long does a session usually take?
A) Usually about 1-1.5 hours.

Q) How long should my songs be?
A) Please try to keep songs down to 6 minutes or under in length to ensure the song fits into television programming.

Q) Is there certain attire that can/cannot be worn during the session?

Q) How much does it cost to do a session?
A) The sessions are no charge to the performers who are selected to perform. After the submission fee ($20) is paid there are no additional costs or fees to perform on the program.

Q) Do I have to audition to be on the show?
A) No, but you will need to provide links to any recorded music, demos or videos you may have for demo purposes. ***We do not take performers sight unseen or unheard.

Q) Do I have to sign a contract?
A) No, but you will need to sign a consent and release form.

  • All members of the current band (even if they did not perform on camera) must sign the release.
  • If you are under 18 years old, the release must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Also, you must notify us if you decide to run for political office within 18 months of performing on the show.

Q) Can I use the recordings for my own use?
A) Yes, after a song performed by an artist airs on the show, it will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel. You will be provided the link and are free to share and embed the links for social media and promotional purposes. 
***You are not allowed to edit or alter the video or files in any way and are not allowed to sell, digitally or otherwise, this particular recording of the song.

Q) Will I have access to all of the raw files, tracks and photographs?
A) No, you will not receive the original unedited files or copies of those files.

Q) Does Spectrum Films, Inc. own the rights to the songs that I sing?
A) No, we do not own the rights to your song but we do own rights to that particular performance or recording of the song, in regard to over the air broadcast, online media and the promotion of those broadcasts. ***We do not have the right to sell your song, image or likeness for profit, unless we enter an additional revenue sharing agreement with you, containing provisions agreed upon by both parties.

Q) If I am recorded, does that guarantee that I will appear on the show?
A) No, we retain complete creative control over all material used in the show. If we do not feel the material is appropriate for the show, we will not run it.


***We are required by the FCC to provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired on all of our programming. ***

Please be prepared to provide lyrics for the songs you perform. Having your lyrics saves us MUCH time, so we appreciate getting them directly from you.

Lyrics can be emailed to either: David.Palmer@sio.midco.net or to booking@thewhitewallsessions.com