dead pigeons “aberdeen”

The Minneapolis folk rock band, The Dead Pigeons, smiling at The White Wall Sessions in Sioux Falls, SD


the dead pigeons

Would a loyal drinking crowd at a small dive bar take notice of some guy singing original acoustic music for tips on a Tuesday night? The answer is yes, they would listen, and eventually, other players with a common love of music would also listen, join in, and form what is now The Dead Pigeons.

The Dead Pigeons have been touring, picking, and perfecting their sound for the past 6 years. Players and instruments have been added and taken away, but at the core, The Pigeons remain steady – a group of dedicated homegrown musicians with a raw, foot stomping, infectious sound that has captivated fans throughout the country.
This season the band has a calendar full of great stops all around the Midwest.

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