anthony ruptak & his midnight friends “hooks & rope”

Anthony Ruptak & His Midnight Friends sit at the White Wall Sessions!


anthony ruptak & his midnight friends

Anthony Ruptak & his midnight friends are a five piece band from Denver, Co. They play original indie folk music that draws the listener in with interesting lyrics and exciting musicianship.

The band started when Anthony Ruptak (guitar/vocals) met Jeb Draper (guitar/vocals) while playing open mics in Denver. They say that Denver has a great music scene where musicians are not in competition, rather they tend to help each other. As a result, the two started collaborating and found they had a lot in common musically. They fill out the mostly acoustic band with bass, drums and violin.

The band recently had the chance to play for the troops at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba and found it to be an incredible honor. They gathered a wealth of songwriting material from that trip.

Anthony Ruptak and his midnight friends are:
Anthony Ruptak – guitar/vocals
Jeb Draper – guitar/vocals
Matt Ruptak – drums/vocals
Julie Schmidt – bass/vocals
Maury Wooldridge – violin/vocals

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