bobby bare jr “big time”

Bobby Bare Jr stares at the camera outside the White Wall studio in Sioux Falls


bobby bare jr.

Bobby Bare Jr. is an amazing performer with very deep roots. His first performance was with his father, the legendary Bobby Bare, at age three when he sang his part in “Daddy What If”. As he grew, he became an accomplished songwriter and performer. His band Bare Jr. had two of our favorite albums, “Boo Tay” and “Brainwasher”. Bobby went on to a solo career that has spanned over a decade and has no sign of slowing down. When he started writing his own music, Bobby had the pleasure of bouncing ideas off of Shel Silberstein. The most important lesson he learned from Shel was to not be afraid of anything. He has kept that advice with him through the years and his work is finds new fans every day.

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