burlap wolf king “yellow belly bawdy blues”

Sioux Falls' Burlap Wolf King as a full band, posing for the White Wall Sessions.


burlap wolf king

We welcomed Burlap Wolf King back for season two of the White Wall Sessions and he brought his band of amazing musicians with him. Megan DeBoer adds her vocals to Thomas’ and the sound is just priceless. The guitar playing of Adam Jones, adds so much to Thomas’s great songwriting. When Leo Fender created the Telecaster, THIS is what he wanted it to sound like! Add in the perfectly blended keys of Tom Weismantel and the package is almost complete. The real secret sauce to the sound, however, is the melodic bass playing of John “Slap” Myers. His bass is what gives this group of incredible performers its feel. Thanks Thomas, you are always welcome here!

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