craig baumann & the story “truly, truly”


Born 1982 and raised in Oconomowoc, WI.
Craig learned to play guitar and drums at age 8 and started gigging at age 12.
A good journey thus far with plenty of challenges, in music and life.
Craig’s early music career involved getting to know the blues genre.
“You will hear it in everything I do. My grandfather is a vintage country player. You’ll hear it in everything I do. I love the sweet soul grooves of Stax and Motown etc. You’ll hear it in everything I do.”
“I believe there are two kinds of music, good and bad.
Genres are made to be broken.”
“Every note is a word, every phrase a sentence, every song a chapter. Let me tell you a story.”
CB now owns and operates a full-service family-owned music store in downtown Waukesha, WI outpostmusicwi.com
and manages the non-profit jamforjam.org
CB is currently doing performances with The People Brothers Band, Craig Baumann and The Story, The Smokin’ Bandits, solo/duo, and the occasional Fat Maw Rooney sighting. Expect a new FMR album in the next few year. Yes, really.
You’ll find cbStory in WI, IL, MN, IA, ND and sometimes beyond, such as a set of Negril, Jamaica shows in January 2018. See you around.

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