darin kaihoi “love is an easy thing to miss”

Sioux Falls' singer songwriter, Darin Kaihoi smiles for the camera


darin kaihoi

Darin Kaihoi (pronounced Ki Hi) is from Sioux Falls. He came to the White Wall Sessions with his guitar in hand and performed some songs from his upcoming album “Pilgrim Hotel”.

Darin writes intricate songs that are inspired by his surroundings. His soulful and strong voice delivers deep spiritual lyrics that stay with the listener long after the song ends. His guitar style makes the words ride on a calming journey to anyone who wants inspiration. Respected by any musician that meets him, He is known as a songwriter’s songwriter and always impresses his listeners.

His work can also be found on two albums by his previous band Fly Away Sparrow; “What a World” (2010) and “Space and Material” (2009)

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