elsa rae “i am a house”

Sioux Falls rocker Elsa Rae stares at the camera.


elsa rae

Elsa Ray Vande Vegte was born in Minneapolis, MN on June, 20, 1991. She spent her youngest years eating Fruit Loops and watching the television sitcom Friends, which at the time was way above her head.

As she got a bit older, she found joy in making up songs quietly in the shower, during recess, before bed. At age 5, she successfully rewrote in its entirety the Beatles’ “Hey, Jude” to “Hey, Food”, a satirical piece about grocery shopping with mom.

Her passion for song-writing has grown and grown with age. Now 24, Elsa Rae moves from city to city, attempting to understand universal emotion and the human experience. She changes musical genres as often as she relocates cities, so there’s really no telling where she’ll be next, only that she will always move forward.

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