elsa va “such a good man”

Elsa Va poses with Shelby Pierce outside the White Wall studio in Sioux Falls


elsa va

My name is Elsa. Va, which means “powerful woman” in English, is my middle name, given to me as a result of my parents working on a Hmong refugee camp at the time I was born.
I have always loved music. I had a very rustic childhood in rural MN and aside from lip-syncing to Michael Jackson songs in the mirror, most of it was spent running around the woods and jumping in the crick.

I did a lot of singing and musical theater and began writing my own songs and performing solo in high school. I kept this up throughout college, at which point I picked up the guitar. I moved to the east coast for a few years and then to the west coast, working full time but still performing on the side. Getting Garage band a couple of years ago opened the door to let me record my own music! I have really enjoyed it, but am hopeful that soon I will be able to record a full length studio album.

I’m constantly getting little song ideas in my head. Little blurbs here, little blurbs there, and I spend hours- sometimes days- piecing them together and recording. It feels very personal. Every time I post a new song, I feel like I have let a little extension of myself out into the world. That you have taken the time to listen to them means the world to me.

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