glen’s neighbor “down the road”

Glen's Neighbor pose at The White Wall Sessions for Season 5


glen’s neighbor

A group of friends collectively over 15 years forms the group Glen’s Neighbor, which has developed a tenacious web of musical influence and acquaintance. Glen’s Neighbor gained quick renown behind the surprise critical success of their 2015 debut Behind the Door.

Described by the Duluth News-Tribune as a “…self-assured, warm collection of music by a band that seems to be poised to start collecting rabid fans of bluegrass, country and pop music.” They’ve developed the creative comfort to take as much pride in tender silences needed for acoustic ballads as they do in the chaotic volume needed for breakneck rockabilly/funk/psychedelic jams. The group displays many strings, beats, and perfectly timed starts and stops. They look for what they can add, equally to what they can leave out. The members work to arrange simple and soulful original songs brought to the table by any given member to create a symbiotic sound that is subject to change at any moment.

Loose, yet earnest; humble, yet artistically nascent, these dark horses are a collection of tight knit friends excited for what they can offer one another individually, to enjoy the sounds as a whole.

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