horseplay “between the lines”

4 members of Brookings, SD based rock band Horseplay pose at The White Wall Sessions



Hailing from the north land, Horseplay was born out of a longtime friendship between Jack Winders and Jayden Howie. Starting well before the genesis of Horseplay, the two were inseparable. A bond formed in middle school in the small town of Belle Plaine, Minnesota through shared interest in sports, hunting, fishing, and adventure served as the foundation for their friendship.

All through high school the two remained best of friends and spent countless hot summer days and nights on a sandbar on the banks of the Minnesota river. Joined by some of their closest friends and family, each trip to the river was special. With the sun going down, a fire would always be burning while a worm or two were thrown into the lazy current. As high school kids, these were some of the best nights of their lives. Good people, cold beer, and beautiful Minnesota summer nights set the stage for some of their fondest memories. Upon attending South Dakota State University, the two met Seth Tuscherer who lived on Jack’s floor during their freshman year. Seth comes from the town of Ipswich, South Dakota where he has been playing music since he was two years old. A common passion for playing and creating music paved the way to a strong friendship and eventually to the roll of drummer in the band.

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