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Jack Klatt pose at The White Wall Sessions for Season 2


jack klatt

The new studio came alive today with an amazing performance by Jack Klatt. Jack is a native of Minnesota and when he is not on the road 150 to 200 nights a year, he calls Minneapolis home. Patrick Harrison joined Jack playing steel guitar as they opened the set with a new song called “Don’t Disappear”, a slow toe tapper that started everyone’s shoulders swaying. After a small delay to let the train roll past on the nearby tracks, the pair went into “Love Me Whole”. Patrick switched from steel to accordion on “Do You Think About Me Tomorrow” and masterfully danced around Jack’s soulful lyrics.

When asked what he calls his style of music, Jack said it is simply “American Music”. Jack is constantly on the search for authenticity in his songs. He named several pre-war influences that he has found over the years on 78 RPM records. He has been trying to recreate that style of music, and perform it as much as possible, before the art is lost forever.

The White Wall Session was introduced to another “first” when Patrick made a third instrument switch. This time he added skillful percussion with a washboard on a great bluesy version of a song known only as “The Booze Song”. Staying with the washboard and guitar combo, the pair rolled right into “Sweet as Honey”. Jack finished the set alone with “Train Song” from his album Love Me Lonely.

True to his form, Jack’s latest album was recorded in mono, the old fashion way. Most of the songs were first takes. It was a pleasure to have such a great act on the White Wall Sessions!

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