jillian rae “don’t want you back”

4 members of Jillian Rae pose outside the White Wall studio in Sioux Falls


jillian rae

Minneapolis based Jillian Rae has shared her talents with several musicians. At one point she was in nine bands at the same time. She has self-diagnosed herself with “musical ADHD” and is happy to play wherever there is a good music project. She now has her own band and is making lasting impressions where ever she goes. An accomplished fiddler and songwriter, she adds a certain presence to her music and performance that is unstoppable. Filling out the band is her guitar player and husband Eric Martin, Reed Pagel on bass, and Josh Kaplan on drums. Josie Just plays keys with the band but was not able to make it to the studio. Jillian recorded her last album “Heartbeat” at the legendary Terrarium Studio in Minneapolis.

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