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jillian rae

Violiner. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Eater. Lover. Friend. Effect pedaler. Observer. Journaler. Traveler. Professional thrifter. Reader of books. Hater of screens. Snuggler of animals. Admirer of art. Professional colorer. Mediocre drawer. Decent cooker of things. Coffee drinker. Wine sipper. Person who takes photos of food when it looks pretty. Zumba enthusiast. Lake swimmer. Star gazer. Admirer of large icicles. Appreciator of the odd things in life. Dreamer.

Ok, for real now… Hi! My name is Jillian Rae and I am a professional music nerd. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota- a city that I just adore. I spend my time writing and creating music for my solo project (Jillian Rae. I know, it’s not the clever-ist of band names.), playing violin &/or singing with a variety of musical projects around the ole Metro, teaching private lessons (so the music can live on), performing a whole bunch, & recording a whole bunch. (I am indeed available for studio work, ladies & gentlemen.) When I’m not working on music, I’m likely listening &/or playing for fun. (Reminder: professional music nerd, here.)

I enjoy all of the things I rambled in the first paragraph, if you can even call that a paragraph. As complicated as being a self-employed independent musician can be, I also very much enjoy the simple things in life- walks with my best pal (my 80-pound-lap-dog Ernie), making a fire and listening to the crackles, being outside in the summer time and feeling the sun on my extremely-vitamin-D-deprived skin, people watching, a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug, a rousing game of cribbage with a good friend… you get the idea. I’ve always hated the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Because, why the hell not? I think if you have a cake, you better eat that shit. Aiming to enjoy the “best of both worlds” is something I think we should all give ourselves permission to do. I love my crazy (sometimes overwhelming) life of hustle, bustle, and music shows. And I also love disappearing into the woods for a few days (ok, maybe weeks) by myself and hanging out with my dog. For me, balance equals having one’s cake AND eating it, too.

So that’s it, really. Me, in a nutshell. Just in case you were wondering.



ps- Anything else you’d like to know? Just ask.

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