king ropes “lurch on sister”

king ropes

“Indie garage band KING ROPES, effortlessly couples the inventiveness of The Pixies and the alternative country twang of Wilco with remarkable results…. giving them a warm authenticity and credibility hard to come by in an already cluttered genre. An album of cohesive vision and one that seems to have been a long time in the making, Dirt is a wonderful achievement.”
Cody Conard, The Big Takeover
“Bozeman, Montana—the birthplace of rock stars. Didn’t sound convincing? Perhaps the darkly Americana of KING ROPES could help change your mind…. Abstract, complex, and compelling, Hollier and the gang make for a captivating record across the board with DIRT.” Jonathan Frahm, For Folks Sake
“Witty, raw, honest and excellently made, KING ROPES’ record Dirt is a knock out….. a great soundtrack for a bar fight, a marriage proposal at a roadside diner, a Pride parade outside a monster truck pull, a lazy walk through the woods, or anywhere you care to be.” Lisa Waugh, Scallywag Magazine



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