lewis knudsen “slow lane”

Rock Island, Illinois' singer songwriter Lewis Knudsen poses for Season 4


lewis knudsen

At 17, Lewis sold his entire basketball card collection, bought recording equipment, and started writing and recording original music. Before moving into his college dorm, an adviser told him there would be no room for recording equipment in the dorm room. Lewis put his bed frame up on wood blocks, kept the gear on the surface of the frame, moved the mattress under the bed, and slept under the songs he was writing. For the past 15 years, songwriting has been much more than a hobby, it has been a language, a personal therapy, and a full-time occupation. Knudsen’s 2015 release, “The Way of Most Resistance” reflects inspirations from the genres of funk and soul while still thinking outside the box. Lewis loves collaborating with other musicians whenever possible, and can hardly think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than to hunker down in his studio and work on a new song. Some of Lewis’ strongest influences are James Taylor, Randy Newman, Martin Sexton and Stevie Wonder.

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