matt fockler “love ain’t easy”

Matt Fockler from South Dakota poses at The White Wall Sessions in Sioux Falls


matt fockler

Matt Fockler is originally from Montrose, SD but he spends time in Texas, Montana, Missouri, South Dakota or where ever there is a good songwriting circle. He got his start from being around local songwriters in Sioux Falls. Watching carefully how and what they played, he tried to mimic as much as he could and eventually started writing his own material. With profound meaningful lyrics, his subjects range from the life of Lakota people, to lullabies and dreams. Matt says that between kindergarten and high school, people tend to let go of the things that make them happy. He feels that dreams are important for the mind and soul.

Matt attends and plays in several folk festivals around the country including the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. He prefers to perform his music “in the round”, or at an open mic, rather than on a stage because it creates an environment where everyone is common. No one is above or below… they are with. In a true folk tradition, Fockler says that music is meant to be shared and passed along.

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