michael leonard witham “down for good”

Michael Leonard Witham poses outside the White Wall studio in Sioux Falls


michael leonard witham

Michael is an avid antiques collector and he can’t resist a dumpster that has interesting items poking out of it. One day he came across a dumpster that had a guitar laying on a pile of newspapers and other junk. Having never played guitar before, he didn’t know what to do with it but he thought maybe he could fix it up and sell it, so he took it home. He did a little research and found out how to put some strings on it. Then he found out how to tune it. He thought he would try to figure out how to play it before he sold it. That is when something happened. He got hooked on playing this guitar. In the few short years since that discovery, he has written dozens of songs and recorded an album.

His album “A Scandal in the Violets” is getting a lot of national attention. Witham is being compared to many greats, including Woody Guthrie and the great John Prine, both of whom, along with Townes Van Zandt, are heavy influences on him. His songs are rich in feeling and passion and are delivered in his soulful southern style.

Michael was raised in the Little Rock, AR area and he resides there today. He happened to be passing through Sioux Falls so we grabbed him and did a White Wall Session. He has had an active summer of playing and is looking forward to an exciting career. Be watching for Michael, this isn’t the last time you will hear his name!

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