midwest dilemma “winter park”

2 members of Omaha's folk group Midwest Dilemma stoically stare at the camera outside The White Wall Sessions studio in Sioux Falls


midwest dilemma

A guitar, red trucker hat, folk songs, and an old Toyota wagon on open road. Justin Lamoureux has been performing as Midwest Dilemma for nearly a decade. Over hills, valleys, across plains, mountains, forests, deserts, rivers, oceans and destinations near and far to share stories of life in the Midwest.

But there is nothing typical about Midwest Dilemma. Lamoureux recruited 23 musical collaborators for the debut release titled Timelines & Tragedies in 2008. The ever changing and revolving cast fill out the woodwind, brass, string, and percussion sections. Timelines & Tragedies is a time line of family history. Tracing Lamoureux’s ancestors to their days of French Canadian fur trading, the Great Depression, the struggles of his parents’ generation with Vietnam, and eventually concluding with his life in the Omaha.

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