sleeping jesus “birthday party”

Sleeping Jesus, from Winona, Minnesota, pose at The White Wall Sessions


sleeping jesus

“A gorgeous dose of indie-rock comparable to bands like Brooklyn’s Woods and Chicago’s Whitney. Recently named one of First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2016″ – The Star Tribune (Mike madden)
Three bars, two liquor stores, and a couple churches. Not the background you might expect from Minnesota’s newest bedroom popstar, Sleeping Jesus. The dreamy vocals, hazy weaving melodies, and existential ramblings play out like a series of daydreams more than pop tunes. Maybe an obsession with escapism and a fleeting youth, or simply a man getting on. Whichever you prefer, the sound of Sleeping Jesus is an effortless one. Look through this hazy aural lens and find yourself spellbound by the kaleidoscopic shapes and sounds of Sleeping Jesus.

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