th’ rattletrap “think about it”

4 members of Sioux Falls rock group, Th' Rattletrap pose outside The White Wall studio


th’ rattle trap

Th’ Rattletrap is a lo-fi indie rock band from Sioux Falls, SD. Co-fronters Pale Norse (David Sahl) and Baby D (Dylan Daniels) have been collaborating since 2013, bringing a distinct merging of their musical and lived experiences for a sound that is always genuine. The band cites various influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Pixies, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, King Tuff and The Black Keys.

In 2013, Two Miles to the Good Life, the band’s debut, album was released and Spring 2015 saw the release of Rare & Segregated (Wiener Records). Currently new recordings are in the works, slated to be out in Fall 2015.

The lineup includes David Sahl (guitar, vocals), Dylan Daniels (guitar vocals), Phil Thoendel (bass), and Gary Galindo (drums).

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