the center state “oh the agony”

The Center State

The Center State’s second full length album was released April 24, 2018, on most digital platforms. The album will feature “Sunrise” which was co-written by Leigh Nash of Sixpence None The Richer and Stephen Wilson of Curb Records in Nashville.

Part acoustic pop music, part troubadour with a silky lament, and one part organic Americana, their music is a great first step into folk/americana music. The quirky Davidson couple that plays upright bass and violin, and shares vocals with the songwriter of the group Jeremy Sharp, are always inquisitive in pursuit of interesting music that has staying power. Jeremy, the acoustic guitarist of the group, honed his writing sensibility in the Midwest, surrounded by small towns, hot muggy days off the Missouri river.

The band was formed around 2012. Jeremy was inlisted to create a music group for a newly founded concert series called Imagine Eleven Concert series downtown St. Joseph MO on Sunday evenings. Jeremy had been working with McKenzie on and off doing different events just as a solo artist so it was natural to contact McKenzie for this show as well. In the process of starting rehearsals for this show, McKenzie was engaged to Brad Davidson. Jeremy then inlisted Brad to play bass, an instrument Brad had never attempted before! Jeremy also finding out that Brad could sing as well.
Over the years that strange beginning has led to a deep friendship with many amazing experiences in music and otherwise.


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