the copoetics “7 directions”

Sioux Falls' The Copoetics pose at The White Wall Sessions for Season 2


the copoetics

Dan Finch and Lousia Mae are the Copoetics. They have quite a story. The two met thanks to a string of bizarre coincidences. Some would call it fate or destiny. Louisa describes it as “a powerful example of synchronicity” the universe gave us the best gift we could have never asked for.

After their White Wall Session, in June of 2013, Dan and Louisa embarked on a musical journey that took them over 70,000 miles, through numerous states in the west and pacific northwest. They also recorded an EP record, Finding the Four, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and have played nearly 70 shows. They are back in Sioux Falls and are ready to release their full length album “Spirit Trail”.

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