tin can gin “whiskey”

The folk band, Tin Can Gin from Duluth, Minnesota posing at The White Wall in Sioux Falls.


tin can gin

Tin Can Gin was born and brewed upon the shores of Lake Superior near Duluth,MN. In the autumn of 2011 the group was summoned to the stage at their first gig as “Tin Can Gin”.
That unique sound draws from each members musical upbringing. With backgrounds in folk, rock, classical, jazz and punk, the combination of music and vocal gymnastics creates an experience in sound that is sure to tickle your musical palate while you tap your toes in unbridled pleasure. This hurricane stew of music, vocals and melody explodes in a style as bitter and sweet as the best IPAs out there today.

Tin Can Gin has played various venues across the Midwest, including the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival, Boats and Bluegrass, Grandma’s Marathon, Blue Ox Music Festival, Big Top Chautauqa in Bayfield, WI. In the spring of 2015 Tin Can Gin released their second studio album recorded at the renown Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, Minnesota.
“There’s no need to split your loyalty between two Duluth born bluegrass bands because Tin Can Gin has their own distinct sound. In some songs, like “Walking Along the Edge”, I feel like I’m hearing the voice of Green Day but with a Northern twist…Tin Can Gin is happy, heart warming, fun, and playful with a steady bass beat to anchor the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar in their fast paced melodies. Their unique North Shore flavor permeates every song, just like their lightheartedness.

Tin Can Gin’s stage presence is fun. There’s just no other word for it. They’re grateful to their audience and show it with their witty repertoire. You feel like you’re part of something special as the band members laugh and joke with each other on stage.”
– Destination Duluth

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