tom vandenavond “on how the west was lost”

Tom VandenAvond stoically stares at the camera outside the White Wall Studio in Sioux Falls


tom vandenavond

He is part John Prine and a bit of Mark Twain …
Guthrie said a man should know his country like the back of his hand.

Some people spend their whole lives in the towns they grew up in — nothing wrong with that. Some people spend most of their lives traveling for their jobs from chain hotel to chain hotel, strip mall to strip mall, and don’t have a story about the American experience that I’d like to hear. Other folks may harbor a stifled wanderlust as they are beaten into their respective corners of the world in a gridlock to pay their rent and feed their children.

Times are tough all over and the upper hand, it seems, could care less about the old American Dream bending only to the bottom line. There was a time that great detail and care was placed into American design. Architecture, cars, even the way communities settled themselves into the landscape had a modicum of pride and sensibility. You see that less and less anymore in the pre-fab, slap-together, cheap-labor replacements of destroyed landmarks and shut down mom n’ pops. At this rate all we have, is all we have left. Chunks of our culture are eroded in a whitewash of “progression” and I’m afraid of what America will mean to our children’s children.

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