tuff roots “i found love”

Sioux Falls' reggae sensation "Tuff Roots" pose for the camera backstage at The White Wall Sessions


tuff roots

TUFF ROOTS is a Reggae band formed in the Midwest out of Sioux Falls, SD. Although we are a fresh new band, all of our members have ample experience as musicians. While we formed only a year and a half ago, when you hear us you will think we have been playing together for years. Focused on creating good vibes and love through the sound of our music, you will have a hard time leaving the crowd without feeling the positive vibrations! TUFF ROOTS is a 5 piece band including (Feyet Munshikpu-Bass, Juan Matos-Lead Guitar/Back-up Vox, Jon Baumgartner-Saxophone, Shane Campbell-Drums, and Jordan Knopf- Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vox). We just released our debut album, “PLANTING SEEDS” on 12/31/16, and we are in the process of writing our second album.

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