violet “time to move on”

Violet, Sioux Falls' alternative rock band, pose outside the White Wall studio for Season 2



Violet is a band that needs little introduction. if you are a fan of local, original music in the Sioux Falls area and were around in the 1990s, you know who Violet is. You also likely know the mastermind and most respected songwriter/performer of his era, Rich Show. After a long wait, about eighteen years, fans got to see this legendary band reunite with the full lineup. And the White Wall Sessions also got to do an amazing session with the band.

Violet played their last show in the summer of 1996 when Mark Bombara moved away to Seattle and Heath moved to Minneapolis. After a great run, with Rich, as “The All Get Outs” Mark Romanowski also left for Seattle. Lance and Rich stayed in town and collaborated on several projects while Heath Henjum found success with one of the most influential indie bands in Minneapolis, The Hopefuls.

The return of this super-group, even for one night, has everyone excited again!

Violet is made up of “The Marks”, Mark Bombara- guitar and Mark Romanowski-guitar, Heath Henjum-bass, Lance Beier-drums and Rich Show-guitar and vocals.

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