yellow-bellied sapsuckers “ocooch mountain home”

Folk duo from Wisconsin, The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, pose outside the White Wall studio in Sioux Falls


yellow-bellied sapsuckers

Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers are a guitar/fiddle duo that performs original songs and tunes inspired by classic hillbilly, ragtime, vaudeville, western-swing, and old-time fiddling–and also mines this same repertoire for forgotten gems that deserve to be heard again. The Sapsuckers’s special emphasis, when it comes to fiddle tunes, is on the Scandinavian-influenced regional tunes of the upper Midwest, many of which they’ve picked up from old-timers in the hills around their Wisconsin home. Their 2015 album, “Ocooch Mountain Home,” (their second), has received high praise from the likes of fROOTS, Bluegrass Today, and Country Music People UK. Based in Soldiers Grove, WI, the Sapsuckers (Nikki Grossman, guitar, fiddle, and vocals; Joe Hart, guitar and vocals) perform frequent concerts, as well as square and contra dances, and they are known for the light touch and sense of humor they bring to their performance.

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